Heat-Not-Burn (HNB)

HNB products use leaf tobacco, like combustible cigarettes. Unlike combustible cigarettes, however, HNB products get their namesake from how the base units heat the tobacco. HNB units warm the tobacco (in a disposable cartridge or cylinder) to just below the point of combustion (up to 660 degrees fahrenheit), allowing the tobacco leaves to release a nicotine-infused vapor. The user inhales the vapor through a mouthpiece on the end of the heating unit. Broken down into simplest terms, HNB devices are half cigarette, half vaporizer. For smokers looking to eventually quit without the more drastic change of using a vape and e-liquid, heat-not-burn devices claim to offer an experience more akin to smoking combustible cigarettes. Benefits include similar oral fixation patterns, such as how often the device is puffed and how long the device lasts before being empty, for examples. As with their vape counterpart, HNB products also purport to subject users to lessened concentrations of carcinogens.